Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fungus foray

After taking Hilary to Bristol Airport for her trip to Glasgow to see grandaughter Abbie, Michael and Karen, I took the dogs up on the hill (the Mendips) behind our house. On the headland, I didn't find any giant puffballs, but lots of the ordinary puffballs and the orange waxcaps are up in the short grass.  Thinking I wouldn't find much to pick, I was pleasantly surprised to come across some horse mushrooms on the National Trust ground and picked one good one - my first proper use of my Opinel mushroom knife.
Further along the hill, I found the first parasol mushrooms of the year! Fried in butter with garlic, they taste lovely, but don't tell anyone, after all they are toadstools.
On the bluff overlooking Barton, I also found a colony of autumn lady's tresses, smart little cream orchids. What a lovely place to live.

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