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Ecosystem services – a bit of a mess

Ecosystem function, ecosystem processes, ecosystem services, final ecosystem services, ecosystem goods, natural capital and biodiversity – all these terms are currently very popular in ecological and related circles, reflecting the improved links between science and policy.These are important, as society considers its options for increased food production, the threats of climate change and the needs of species, habitat and landscape conservation.A recent paper by Mace, Norris and Fitter (TREE, January 2012;, for those with academic access) gives a comprehensive review of the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services. Reading this paper and a series of in-depth research proposals on the subject over recent weeks confirms my suspicions that the area is complex and conceptually messy.As scientists, we need to have our concepts sorted, preferably elegantly, before we can make headway in presenting evidence …

Christmas and New Year 2012

We are all back at work and well in to 2012, but just a word or two before more academic blogs follow -
We had a lovely family Christmas - a great treat to have everyone home, so a big thank you for travelling from Scotland.  We thoroughly enjoyed having everyone home - Gareth and Sarah, Mike and Karen and star of the show, grandaughter Abbie - 14 months and crawling, a really happy soul, starting words.  She says "Hiya" to everyone - great fun in supermarkets!
Hope you all have a wonderful 2012.