Monday, 31 October 2011

Singapore 3

Another quiet start to the day – Bill and I took the bus to Chinatown after a late breakfast.  Walked around the area using the Lonely Planet walking tour as our guide, visiting the Buddha Tooth Relict Temple and then the Hindu Sri Manamman temple.  There were lots of small market shops along Trengganu St and many restaurants on some of the others.  The walk took us into areas of small balconied houses, probably late Victorian era.  Took the bus back to the hotel, stopping at a 711 shop for a lunch snack, then up to our room for an afternoon rest. 

We met in the foyer for the coach at 16:30, reaching the ground a little about 17:15, in good time to start preparations for the match at 18:30.  Team talk, stretching, Pilates and final team talk. The Aussies looked good for the first 10 mins, winning a couple of corners, but we played our way into the game and started to put them under some pressure.  We won a series of corners, unconverted, and then Kaka was fouled as he went to shoot and Tim stepped up to take the flick.  Sadly, he slipped as he was taking it and the keeper saved.  Subbed on an off at left wing and left midfield.  Into the second half, at all square, it was fairly even, but again we had several shots saved and had the bulk of possession.  So it was very unfortunate that the Aussies went 1-0 up with about 10 mins to go, with a breakaway and a diving reverse stick shot. My first international defeat – which is galling, especially as we all played well – must get the ball in the net!

Met up with the Aussies later in town for a late supper and a beer – sat next to the scorer, John! Let’s hope we meet them in the final and roll them over. Singapore and the Kiwis to come next.

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