Restarting the Barton news blog

It's the 17th May 2020.  Coroavirus is creeping up again in North Somerset and this week, I had a telecall with my oncology consultant on the state of play with my prostate cancer.  Tragically, our dear friend Ruth Spalding collapsed and died a fortnight ago and her husband Mike came for a cup of tea yesterday.  We have been in contact a lot, but it was good to meet, albeit observing the 2 m social distance.  We sat outside, enjoying the great weather we have had since the lockdown, with louder birdsong and clean air.  With so much that has happened and with time at home to consider the state of the globe, the country and our circumstances, I feel it is time to restart a blog, with occasional posts on topics that need to be considered, alongside news from sleepy Barton.

Echium pininana (3 m) and Echium candicans not yet flowering


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